BHEL Recruitment Paper 3

1.      The ratio of two specific heats of air is equal to. = 1.41
2. A perfect gas at 270C is heated at constant pressure till its volume is double. The final
temperature is = 3270C
3. An engine operates between temperature of 9000K and T2 and another engine between T2 and
8000K. For both to do equal work, value of T2 will be. = 6500K
4. Internal energy of a substance depends on = Temperature
5. Work done in compressing 1kg of gas adiabatically from p1,V1,T1 to p2, V2, T2 is equal to =
6. The unit of entropy is = J/kg 0K
7. Indicated power of a 4-stroke engine is equal to = pLAN/2
8. Which of the following is not an internal combustion engine : a) 2 stroke petrol engine b)4
stroke petrol engine c) Diesel engine d) steam engine e) Gas turbine. = (d)
9. If one cylinder of a diesel engine receives more fuel than the others, then for that cylinder the:
a) exhaust will be smoky b) piston rings would stick into piston grooves c) exhaust
temperature will be high d) engine starts overheating e) all of the above. = (e)
10. The spark plug gap is normally maintained at: = 0.45 to 0.6mm
11. A distributor in spark ignition engines performs the function of : = Providing the correct firing order in engine
12. Which of the following does not relate to C.I. engine:: a) fuel pump b) fuel injector c) governor d) carburetor e) flywheel = (d)
13. Air fuel ratio in a jet engine is = 60:1
14. What is the value of Prandtl No.?
15. In domestic refrigerator, the tubes at the back of the refrigerator are: a) evaporator b) condenser c) capillary tubes d)………
16. Which refrigerants has the highest critical point temperature. = Freon-11
17. Wet bulb temperature is. = indication of amount of moisture in air
18. On psychrometric chart, dry bulb temperature lines are. = Vertical
19. Surface tension has the units. = newtons/m
20. The line of action of the buoyant force acts through the. =centroid of the displaced volume of
21. A pressure of 25m of head of water is equal to. =245kN/m2
22. For a submerged body to be in stable equilibrium, the centre of gravity should be. =Below the centre of buoyancy.
23. The actual velocity at vena contracta for flow through an orifice from a reservoir of height H=?. =Cv√2gH
24. A body weighing 2kg in air weights 2.5kg when submerged in water. Its specific gravity is. = 6
25. In a free vortex motion: = each particle moves in a circular path with a speed varying inversely as the distance from the centre.
26. A centrifugal pump has speed-1000rpm, Flow-1200l.p.m, Head-20m, Power-5H.P. If its speed is increased to 1500rpm, new flow will be.: = 1800l.p.m
27. Runaway speed of a hydraulic turbine is: = the speed if the turbine runner is allowed to revolve freely without load and with the wicket gates wide open.
28. 10m of water column is equal to = 100kN/m2
29. M.I. of a circular area about an axis perpendicular to the area is: = πr4/2
30. A projectile is fired at an angle θ to the vertical. Its horizontal range will be maximum when θ is . =450
31. An elevator weighing 1000kg attains an upward velocity of 4m/sec in two seconds with uniform acceleration. The tension in the supporting cables will be = 1200kg.
32. A 13m ladder is placed against a smooth vertical wall with its lower end 5m from the wall.
What should be the co-efficient of friction between ladder and floor so that it remains in equilibrium. = 0.21
33. A car is moving with a velocity of 60km/hr and possesses energy of 5x105 joules. The mass of the car will be. =3000kg.
34. If l is the span of a light suspension bridge whose each cable carries total weight (w) and the
central diop is y, the horizontal pull at each support is: = wl/y OR
35. A beam of length l, having uniform load w kg/unit length is supported freely at the ends. The
moments at mid span will be: = wl2/8.
36. A boiler shell 200cm dia and plate thickness 1.5cm is subjected to internal pressure of 1.5MN/ m2, then the hoop stress will be. = 100N/m2
37. 100KW is to be transmitted by each of two separate shafts. A is turning at 250rpm and B at
300rpm. Which shaft must have greater diameter.: = B
38. Two identical leaf springs of spring constant k are arranged like cantilevers in parallel and
attached at free end by a spring of spring constant k. The equivalent spring constant of combination is; = 1.5k.
39. Automobile steering gear is an example of: = lower pair.
40. The type of coupling used to join two shafts whose axes are neither in same straight line nor
parallel, but intersect is. = Universal coupling.
41. To transmit power from one rotation shaft to another whose axes are neither parallel nor
intersecting, use: = Spiral gear.
42. A gear having 100 teeth is fixed and another gear having 25 teeth revolves around it, the centre lines of both gears being joined by an arm. How many revolutions will be made by gear of 25 teeth for one revolution of arm. = 5 rev.
43. The secondary critical speed of a shaft occurs at: = twice the speed of primary critical speed.
44. Brittle coating technique is used for: = experimental stress analysis.
45. Factor of safety is the ratio of: = yield stress/working stress.
46. Type of gear used for non-intersection perpendicular shafts: = Hypoid gears.
47. Corrosion resistance of steel is increased by adding: = Chromium & Nickel
48. The product of Cupola is called: = cast iron
49. Brinell tester uses a hardness steel ball of size: = 10mm
50. Sintered and tungsten carbides can be machined by: = EDM
51. What kind of abrasive cut off wheel should be used to cut concrete, stone and masonry?
=Diamond grit.
52. In break-even analysis, total cost consists of: = Fixed cost + Variable cost.
53. The amount deducted from the salary of workers towards employees provident fund is :
=deposited in the account of worker with Provident Fund Commissioner.
54. PERT is: = event oriented technique
55. Bar charts are suitable for: = minor works.
56. on a PERT/CPM chart represents: = a significant event representing some mile-stone
57. Electron volt is the unit of : = Energy.
58. Seamless tubes are made by?
59. Reheating in gas turbine results in: = increase of work ratio and decrease of thermal efficiency.
60. Why DC current is not used in transformer?
61. What is the purpose of draft tube in hydraulic turbines: = to convert the kinetic energy into
pressure energy.
62. A mass of 100kg is falling from a height of 1m and penetrates the sand to 1m. what is the
resistance force of the sand?
63. Two cars travel in the same direction at 40km/hr at a regular distance. A car comes in the
opposite direction at 60km/hr. It meets each car in a gap of 8 seconds. What is the distance
between the two cars?

BHEL Recruitment Paper 2

1)Unit of Entropy (J/kg K or kJ/kg K)
2)A mass of 100kg is falling from a height of 1 m and penetrates the sand into for 1 m. What is theresistance force given by sand.
3)Ratio of specific heats of air. (1.41)
4)A body weighs 3 kg in air. If it is submerged in a liquid, it weighs 2.5 kg. What is the specific gravity of the liquid.
5)Two cars travell in same direction at 40 km/hr at a regular distance. A car comes in a opposite
direction in 60km/hr. It meets each car in a gap of 8 seconds. What is the distance between them?
6)A simple problem involing in hoops stress. For sphere: M= [3/2]*p*V*[density of pressure vessel material/Maximum working stress it can tolerate] For Thin walled pressure walls: Hoops stress or stress in the radial direction =p*r/2t
7)A problem in force calculation in a body moving in a inclined surface.
8)Composition of bronze. (Copper+zinc)
9)Compostion of stainless steel.(iron+chromium+nickel+carbon)
10)CI is manifactured in which process. (cupola process)
11)What percentage of carbon is preset in pig iron. (4.5 to 6%)
12)Water is available at 10m height. What is the pressure available? (pressure=density*g*height;
p=1000*9.81*10; p=98100N/m2)
13)What will happen if the speed of the centrifugal pump doubles.
14)The unit eV is widely used in ? (Nuclear and atomic physics)
15)What will happen to the resistance, when the diameter of the conductor is doubled?
16)The power comsumed by a electrical device is 1000W at 250V, What is the resistance in the device? (Power= Voltage*current; Current=Power/Voltage, Current,I=1000/250=4 amps. V=IR, Therefore R=250/4=62.5 ohms)
17)Why DC current is not used in transformer.
18)On what principle the sonar/ radar( I dont remember) works?
19)Bending moment diagram for the UDL is in what shape?
20)Function of the distributor in petrol vehicles? (Spark timing)
21)Which is not present in CI engines? (carburrettor)
22)What will happen if one cylinder recieves more amount of fuel spray from injectors than other injectors?
23)Purpose of draft tube in hydraulic turbines? (The purpose of a draft tube is toconvert some of the kinetic energy of the flow from the runner (the rotating part of the turbine) intopressure energy and thereby increase the efficiency ofthe hydro power turbine. )
24)What is the effect or reheater in the gas turbine? (The advantage of reheater is significantly increased thrust; the disadvantage is it has very high fuel consumption and inefficiency)
25)Problems in involving with fricition coefficient.
26)Factor of safety = Yeild stress/Working stress.
27)Which is the example of non parallel power transmission (Universal coupling)
28)For perpendicular shafts worm gear is used.
29)A planet gear with 25 teeth is meshed with a sun gear of 100 teeth. Both are connected using a arm. How many rotations are needed for planet gear to complete one rotation around the sun gear?
30)What is equivalent spring constant for spring in parallel?
31) Some questions was asked related to boundry layer and vortex flow.
32) 5 questions were asked in PERT, Process planning, Product planning, Break even analysis.
33)How are tungsten and sintered composite materials are machined? (Electro Discharge Machining, EDM)

BHEL Recruitment Paper 1

1) How many links in slider crank mechanism?
2) Deflection of cantilever beam subjected to end point load?
3) Stress concentration factor Kf =?
4) What is the unit of BHN?
5) What is efficiency of riveted joint?
6) Composition of Munz metal?
7) One shaft is subjected to torque 1700 N-m having shear strength of 40Mpa. Determine the diameter?
8) A reversible engine is working between the 600F and 60F. Carnot efficiency is equal to =
9) Coefficient of restitution lies between =
10) Pectlet number is equal to = a)Re*Nu b)Re*Pr c)Re*Gr
11) Formula of effectiveness of heat transfer =
12) Emissivity depends on
13) Reynolds number formula
14) Production process for Al?
15) Thick metals welded by following processes…………
16) Logarithmic decrement is given by =
17) Magnification factor at resonance is given by =
18) Cutting forces decreases by = a) increasing rake angle b) decreasing rake angle c) increasing relief rake angle
19) Some problem on Mohr’s circle radius…
20) Volumetric strain =
21) Pendulum problem Time is given length = ?
22) For undamped system Transmission Ratio is R then a) b)
23) Which is not related to CI engine = ans) spark plug
24) Cotter joint generally fail by
25) Which coupling is used for intersecting shafts?
26) No of teeth on gear and pinion is given, center distance is given, module = ?
27) Coefficient of friction and angle is given, what is ration of tension in belt?
28) What is lamis thoerm?
29) Condition for self locking ……
30) Discontinuous chips can be produced by ………….
31) For critical speed should be a)>√2 b) >√3
32) Air at 20C blows over a hot plate 50 by 75 cm maintained at 250C. The convective heat transfer coefficient is 25W/m2. Cal the heat transfer.
33) Metacenter always lies ………….
34) Rotometer is used to measure….
35) Formula for effort of a governor……
36) Stroboscope is used to measure…..
37) What is size of A4 paper?
38) Some problem on riveted joint…..
39) Modulus of rigidity G is given by……
40) Wave properties in solids is depends on elasticity.
41) Radiation heat transfer is directly proportional to ………….
42) Escape velocity is given by √2gR
43) Kinetic energy formula….
44) Corolis component…….
45) Potent ional Energy theory is given by…………….
46) Perpendicular axis thoerm…………
47) Pappus thoerm…….
48) Center of gravity of a spherical shell……………..
49) Angle and linear dimension is given by chamfer.
50) For thick cylinders ………………..
51) N = 10 to N = 10E5 cycles then it is …. a) finite life b)infinite life
52) Value of steel young’s modulus ……
53) Endurance strength of steel equal to …………
54) Three problems on strain gauges ….
55) Three problems on vectors some related to work done….
56) Straight line mechanism…
57) Some problem springs..
58) Design on thermal stresses can be considered for a) concrete b)steel rolls c)blast furnace
59) Velocity problem it is in the vector form to find displacement?
60) Hardness is a property


BHEL Format

There are 240 questions in the paper. Out of 240 120 are Technical and other 120 are Aptitude & General English questions. There is a negative marking of 1/5th mark for each wrong answer. Five options are given for each question of which only one is correct.

The questions are very simple in Aptitude section and can be answered well if practiced well. Time management is an important factor as you have to answer 240 questions in 150 minutes.


Greatest Weekness

Disguise a strength as a weakness. 

Examples of Weaknesses:

  1. I sometimes push my people too hard. I like to work with a sense of urgency and everyone is not on the same wavelength.
  2. For my weakness, I always say that some people say I'm over-friendly. You can't go wrong with that one. Usually, the person interviewing is like "Oh, that's not a bad thing at all."
  3. I'm a little egoistic when it comes to winning things and get a little ruthless too.
  4. I lose patience sometimes when I am not in a position to complete the assigned job in time.
  5. I have to work on having more patience and giving myself a break, because I always want everything done at once.
  6. Tend to go to any limits while helping my friends.
  7. I am too focused on my work and I need to find more time to relax.
  8. I'm too focused on work and need to develop some after-hours hobbies.

Greatest Strengths

Prior to any interview, you should have a list mentally prepared of your greatest strengths. You should also have, a specific example or two, which illustrates each strength, an example chosen from your most recent and most impressive achievements.
You should, have this list of your greatest strengths and corresponding examples from your achievements so well committed to memory that you can recite them cold after being shaken awake at 2:30AM.

Examples of Strengths:
1.      One of my biggest strengths is my communication skills. I work very well with all kinds of people, and understand that everyone has different perspectives about projects and work tasks - so when I work with others I realize that everyone comes to the table with different priorities and objectives. I keep this in mind when I communicate tasks that need to be accomplished with positive reinforcement and awareness of what others are working on.
2.      A positive attitude will not differentiate you from the crowd. A good attitude is expected of every employee. Also you should back up what you say with an example. For example, don't just say you have good customer service skills prove it by also telling them how you won a company award or received positive customer comment letters for your good service.
3.      My strength is my flexibility to handle change. As customer service manager at my last job, I was able to turn around a negative working environment and develop a very supportive team.
4.      Hard worker
5.      Punctual
6.      Determined
7.      Able to prioritize
8.      Believe in myself; self-confidence
9.      I have the ability to cope with failures and try to learn from my mistakes.
10.  I like to work in team and have been an active participant and organizer at several places.
11.  One of my greatest strengths I've acquired during my education is good analytical and planning skills. This has always benefited me to set goals and try to achieve them. But at the same time, I'm driven by the thoughts of success.
12.  Full commitment to my work
13.  Highly energetic
14.  Love to learn new things.
15.  Having good interpersonal skills
16.  Well organized and like to be neat with all of my work
17.  A good helper towards those who need it
18.  I am a team player and work well with others.
19.  Optimistic approach towards life..
20.  I am a quick learner. I have great problem-solving skills and am willing to learn new things to get the job done. 
21.  Focus on your strengths, but have an answer regarding a challenge you have met and overcome... Weaknesses do not exist, just challenges and solutions... 
22.  Think of any trait or skill you have that pertains to the job you are applying for. Think of instances when you have shown a lot of skill in that area.