General Engineering - Solved

1. Two free parallel wires carrying current in the opposite directions

(a) Attract each other
(b) Repel each other
(c) Do not effect each other
(d) Get rotated to be perpendicular to each other

2. All the magnetic materials looses their magnetic property when

(a) Dipped in water
(b) Dipped in oil
(c) Brought near piece of iron
(d) Strongly heated

3. Potassium paramagnet is used for

(a) Dechlorination
(b) Improving colour
(c) Reducing acidity
(d) Reducing hardness

4. Which of the following material has the highest carbon percentage?

(a) Cast iron
(b) Mild steel
(c) High carbon steel
(d) Stainless steel

5. Which of the following paints is most fire resistant

(a) Bituminous paint
(b) Asbestos paint
(c) Aluminum paint
(d) Synthetic paint


6. The gas which is mainly responsible for the explosion in sewers is

(a) Methane
(b) Ethane
(c) Ammonia
(d) Carbon- monoxide

7. The Wind screen of car made of

(a) Sheet glass
(b) Wired glass
(c) Laminated glass
(d) Flint glass

8. Which of the welding process is used for welding of structures?

(a) Gas welding
(b) Fusion welding
(c) Thermic welding
(d) Arc welding

9. In a d.c generator, following losses will be minimum

(a) Copper loss
(b) Iron loss
(c) Friction loss
(d) Shunt field copper loss

10. Corona loss is less when the shape of the conductor is

(a) Circular
(b) Flat
(c) Oval
(d) Independent of shape


11. The core of the transformer is assembled with laminated sheet so as to reduce

(a) Hysteresis loss
(b) Copper loss
(c) Magnetic noise
(d) Eddy current loss

12. Which of the following instrument is used for measuring the rate of flow of liquid of pipes

(a) Hydro meter
(b) Venturi meter
(c) Viscometer
(d) Falter pump

13. The proper use of lubricants cannot reduce

(a) Static friction
(b) Inertia
(c) Sliding friction
(d) Rolling friction

14. Infra red radiation can be detected by

(a) Spectrometer
(b) Pyrometer
(c) Nanometer
(d) Photometer

15. Which of the following is used in optical fibers

(a) Total internal reflection
(b) Scattering
(c) Diffraction
(d) Refraction


16. Metal attains super- conduction properties below the temperature of

(a) 0 deg K
(b) 100 deg C
(c) 100 deg K
(d) 10 deg K

17. Powder clinges to the skin because of following property

(a) Adhesion
(b) Cohesion
(c) Surface tension
(d) Capillary action

18. The sparking at the brushes in the d.c generator is attributed to

(a) Quick reversal of current
(b) Reactance voltage
(c) Armature reaction
(d) High resistance of the brushes

19. D.C series motor should always be started with load because

(a) At no load it will rotate at dangerously high speed
(b) At no load it will not develop high starting torque
(c) It cannot start without load
(d) It draw a small amount of current at no load

20. A tunnel diode is

(a) High resistivity p-n junction diode
(b) A slow switching device
(c) An amplifying device
(d) A very heavily doped p-n junction diode


21. The effective channel length of a MOSFET in saturation decreases with increase in

(a) Gate voltage
(b) Drain voltage
(c) Source voltage
(d) Body voltage

Ans. (b)
22. The ON voltage and forward breakover voltage of an SCR depends on the

(a) Gate current alone
(b) Band gap of the semiconductor alone
(c) Gate current and the semiconductor band gap respectively
(d) Semiconductor bandgap and the gate current respectively

23. Negative feedback in amplifier

(a) Improves the signal to noise ratio at the input
(b) Improves the signal to noise ratio at the output
(c) Does not affect the signal to noise ratio at the output
(d) Reduce the distortion.

24. An ideal Op- Amp is an ideal

(a) Voltage controlled current source
(b) Voltage controlled voltage source
(c) Current controlled current source
(d) Current controlled voltage source

25. One of the following types of noise becomes of great importance at high frequencies. It is the

(a) Shot noise
(b) Random noise
(c) Impulse noise
(d) Transit- time noise


26. Piezoelectricity effect is the polarization of a dielectric under the influence of

(a) Light
(b) Mechanical stress
(c) Electrical stress
(d) Heat

27. Entropy of mixture of two gases after sudden mixing is

(a) Greater than
(b) Less than
(c) Same as sum of entropy of individual gases
(d) Unpredictable

28. If air filter is removed in a petrol engine, the air/fuel ratio will

(a) Increase
(b) Decrease
(c) Increase and decrease
(d) Remains unchanged

29. In a two stage compression , inter -cooling is used for

(a) Reducing work of compression in the first stage
(b) Reducing temperature in the first stage
(c) Reduced work in the second stage
(d) Reducing work and temperature in the second stage

30. Which component of refrigeration system controls the flow of refrigerant

(a) Expansion valve
(b) Condenser
(c) Compressor
(d) Evaporator


31. Laser beam welding has widest application in

(a) Mass production in heavy industry
(b) Jobbing industry
(c) Electronic industry
(d) Structure and bridge work

32. In Equation x-2y+3z=0 and 2x+5y+3z=0, y equals

(a) 0
(b) 1
(c) 2
(d) 3

33. If a system of equation has one or more solution it is called

(a) Compatible
(b) Consistent
(c) Homogeneous
(d) Simultaneous

34. In a microprocessor the register which holds the address of the next instruction to be fetched is

(a) Accumulator
(b) Program counter
(c) Stack pointer
(d) Instruction register

35. The mnemonics used in writing a program is called

(a) Assembly language
(b) Fetch cycle
(c) Microinstruction
(d) Object program


36. For which of the following devices, is DMA the most suitable
(a) Keyboard
(b) Mouse
(c) Joy stick
(d) Hard stick


37. In real time operating system, which of the following is the most suitable scheduling scheme?

(a) Round robin
(b) First come first served
(c) Random scheduling
(d) Preemptive

38. In client –server system , data is usually stored on the

(a) Server
(b) Client
(c) Network
(d) None of the above

39. Identify the natural

(a) LISP
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) Neither (a) and (b)

40. An interrupt that can temporarily ignored by the counter is known as

(a) Vectored interrupt
(b) Non – maskable interrupt
(c) Maskable interrupt
(d) Low priority interrupt


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