The batteries work best in different devices

1.      HEAVY DUTY BATTERIES are still very popular and have been around for many years because the are so cheap to purchase. Heavy Duty batteries work best in low drain devices such as AM/FM radios flashlights, smoke alarms and remote controls. Over the lifetime of the device, rechargeable alkaline batteries will provide the better value and result actual in cost savings although the initial cost is higher.

2.      ALKALINE BATTERIES are the most popular battery used today. Alkaline will last 5 to 10 times longer than heavy duty batteries on higher current drains, making them more economical. They get their long life from unique construction and the purity of the materials used. Alkaline batteries are best suited for moderate to high drain devices such as portable CD players, electronic games, motorized toys, tape recorders and cassette players. Again, over the lifetime of the device, rechargeable alkaline batteries will provide the better value and result actual in cost savings although the initial cost is slightly higher.

3.      RECHARGEABLE ALKALINE BATTERIES are specially designed for use 25 times or more when charged properly in a dedicated charger for rechargeable alkaline batteries. Rechargeable alkaline batteries come fully charged, have no memory problems, up to a seven-year shelf life and will last up to three times longer than a fully charged nickel cadmium rechargeable battery. They do not require to be fully drained before recharge and will actually last longer if frequently recharged. They will work in all applications where Heavy Duty Primary Batteries are being used and in all applications for Alkaline Primary Batteries with not too high drain rates.

4.      RECHARGEABLE NiMH BATTERIES are an extension of the old fashioned NiCd batteries. These batteries offer capacities at least 30% higher per charge than NiCd batteries of the same size. NiMHbatteries can be recharged without having to be fully drained and can be charged several hundred times. NiMH work best in high drain devices that chew through alkaline batteries quickly such as digital cameras, hand held TV’s and remote controlled racing toy cars.

5.      RECHARGEABLE Li-Ion BATTERIES are mainly used in Laptop computers and cellphones. They have a 3 times higher voltage on a per cell basis than NiMH batteries and are usually only sold as a ‘system’ (device w/ built-in charger), as they require a special type of charger. More recently, single Li- Ion cells with dedicated chargers are being offered for cameras that take Lithium cells.

6.      RECHARGEABLE NiCd BATTERIES should not be used due to the toxic cadmium, but are still in high demand for power tools due to their rugged design and performance. However, NiCd batteries have to be recycled to prevent toxic, carcinogenic cadmium entering the waste stream.

7.      PRIMARY LITHIUM BATTERIES offer an outstanding shelf-life of above 10-years and they will work at very low temperatures. They are mainly used in imaging applications, i.e cameras.

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