Reverted Gear Train

A reverted gear train is very similar to a compound gear train. They are both used when there is only a small space between the input and output shafts and large changes in speed or power are needed.

There are two major differences between compound and reverted gear trains. First, the input and output shafts of a reverted train must be on the same axis (in a straight line with one another). Second, the distance between the centers of the two gears in each pair must be the same.

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  1. Kram says:

    what do you mean straight line? do you mean parallel? the input and out put shafts of a reverted train must be PARALLEL??

  2. no...they must be in the same line

  3. HNM says:

    It means COLLINEAR.

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  5. Unknown says:

    Collinear means....?

  6. nice blog

  7. Is both speed ratios equal?????

  8. Is both speed ratios equal?????

  9. Raju Das says:

    it should be co axial

  10. How could you major the distance between the circle?

  11. Yes, speed ratio of first driver to first driven is equal to speed ratio of second driver and second driven wheel(on the output shaft)

    Given a speed ratio of the reverted train( speed ratio of input to output) The speed ratio of the two sets of simple trains is the squareroot of the speed ratio of the whole system

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  14. Gowtham says:

    Straight line means on same axial line

  15. Unknown says:

    compound gear train is also coaxial then what is the difference between these two

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  18. Co - axial line 😉

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  20. What about rotation of input gear and output gear in reverted gear train???

  21. Unknown says:

    Can it be proven?

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